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There are a couple of places in Maksimir and in city centre which we are very fond of and regurarly visit again and again. Gastronomy has never been more rich in Zagreb, and numerous bars and restaurants are open each day due to rising demand for excellent and affordable food & drinks.



Pizzeria Duksa (map)

Duknovićeva 4 (Petrova-Bukovačka), phone +385 01 2334 556

What to eat: pizza

Price range: $ (around 75 kn per person for a pizza and a drink)

Restaurant Kvatrić (map)

Maksimirska 9, phone +385 01 2344 074

What to eat: barbeque, domestic croatian cuisine, pasta

Price range: $ (around 50 – 100 kn per person for a main course and a drink)

Kill Grill (map)

Petrova 103, phone +385 01 2321 909

What to eat: anything from grill

Price range: $ (around 50 – 60 kn per person for a main course and a drink)

Apetit City Restaurant (map)

Masarykova 18, phone +385 01 4811 077

What to eat: fish, any kind of fish which is fresh

Cjenovni rang: $$/$$$ (around 300 – 400 kn per person for a 3-4 course dinner and a bottle of wine)



Stribor Caffe Bar (coffee&beer)

Corner of Petrova and Bukovacka street


Dvorište caffe bar (beer) (map)

Maksimirska 31


Restoran Maksimir (coffee&beer)

South entrance to Park Maksimir


Tolkien’s House (beer) (map)

Opatovina 49


Pif Caffe Bar (coffee&beer) (map)

Trg Petra Preradovića 5


Mojo Bar (wine & beer) (map)

Martićeva 5